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(Incorporating Les Hunter Automotive)

We are designers and manufacturers of high quality brake components and complete brake systems, as well as being a supplier of associated brake components.

We have been in business since 1982 doing all aspects of motor racing work such as building cars, suspensions - you name it and we've probably done it!

From 1990 we changed our business strategy to specialise in high performance road and racing brake systems.

Our speciality is building custom brake systems on a one-off basis to suit individual client's needs and requirements.

We not only supply brake components, we also manufacture a large number of complete bolt on systems for street, classic, road race and rally cars.

We even test our brake products on our own racing saloon car and street cars.

In 1999 we made another important change to our business in that we are now also supplying a variety of off-the-shelf race car components and associated hardware, pit equipment etc from various manufacturers and suppliers. This trend will continue to grow with more items being added to the inventory on a continuos basis.

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94 Camwell Park, RD1, Kaiapoi 7691, New Zealand. Phone/Fax (03)310-7725, Mobile (0274)360-918

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